Systemic Practice in Inpatient Psychiatry

Working with ideas from systemic psychotherapy can be challenging in medicalised contexts where the emphasis is on 'illnesses' which are said to exist within an individual. Such systems can often obscure the power dynamics which impact on an individuals experience of distress. During my work in an inpatient psychiatry service I was able to consider … Continue reading Systemic Practice in Inpatient Psychiatry

AAFT Conference Sydney 11/12th October

My application to present at the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) Conference  has been accepted. I will be presenting on Thursday 11th October from 2.15-3.00pm on 'Community psychology and everyday psychological practice'. Below is the abstract for my presentation: Reliance on the medical-model of 'mental illness' typically hides social adversity that is often at … Continue reading AAFT Conference Sydney 11/12th October

Clinical Psychology and Leadership

With changing service provision and changes to how we support people who experience psychological distress, leadership is becoming increasingly important for clinical psychologists. Below is an essay written during clinical psychology training which provides advice for clinical psychologists who want to develope their leadership skills. The first two parts of the essay provide the historical context of leadership … Continue reading Clinical Psychology and Leadership