Café Psych: Death – what does it mean to you?

The meaning of life has been debated throughout history from different philosophical and religious perspectives but what about the meaning of death? The topic is somewhat taboo in modern western societies and talking about death can be met with resistance and fear. However, we fundamentally cannot separate life from death as they (along with taxes) … Continue reading Café Psych: Death – what does it mean to you?

Café Psych: Monogamy – essential or outdated?

Last night the first Café Psychologique Sydney of 2019 saw the largest turn-out yet with a number first-timers. As always, it was incredible to hear people's perspective and experiences on Monogamy and the associated topics. I'm looking forward to the next two café's which will focus on appearance, in February, and Toxic Femininity, in March. … Continue reading Café Psych: Monogamy – essential or outdated?

Café Psych: Free speech – who has the right?

On Wednesday 28th November the final Café Psychologique of 2018 focused on free speech. It was a valuable discussion with a number of thought-provoking ideas and exchanges. This was our thirteenth café and we have some exciting topics planed for 2019, beginning with Monogamy on Wednesday 30th January. Please keep updated with these events through … Continue reading Café Psych: Free speech – who has the right?

Café Psych: The Power of Stories

At this month's Café Psychologique Sydney we will be joined by professional storyteller Jo Henwood to consider 'The Power of Stories'. Come along and join in the conversation where we'll be considering a range of ideas and questions about the importance of stories in our lives. 7-9pm at The Horse, Surry Hills, 381 Crown Street, 2010, … Continue reading Café Psych: The Power of Stories

AAFT Conference Sydney 11/12th October

My application to present at the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) Conference  has been accepted. I will be presenting on Thursday 11th October from 2.15-3.00pm on 'Community psychology and everyday psychological practice'. Below is the abstract for my presentation: Reliance on the medical-model of 'mental illness' typically hides social adversity that is often at … Continue reading AAFT Conference Sydney 11/12th October