Café Psychologique is back!

After eight months of postponement, Café Psychologique Sydney returned to The Horse, Surry Hills on Wednesday 28th October to discuss Covid-19. The group number are now limited to 30 as per state restrictions and the group decided to cap the attendance to 20 people per café to allow for distancing in the room. It was wonderful to hear the comments from people who were glad to be back having conversations together and to hear some reflections about the value of the café in their lives. Wednesday also marked three years since the Sydney café began so it was a double celebration. Next month we will be considering the question, ‘does everything happen for a reason?’ and we will meet on the last Wednesday of every month (apart from December) for the foreseeable future. I hope that you can come along and join in the conversation. There is more information about Café Psychologique Sydney here.

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