Giving back during the Covid-19 pandemic

I’m recent weeks, things have been personally challenging and I have valued the support of those around me. I want to return the favour in providing support to others. I work as a clinical psychologist and I’m offering a space to discuss how you’re doing at this difficult time, to anyone who is interested.

The session would be for one hour via video (Zoom or Skype) or I could arrange a socially-distanced walk in the park if you’re in Sydney and would rather meet in person. If you’re interested, just shoot me a message through social media or this site.

A couple of other things:

I’m aware that the current situation impacts on us financially as well as emotionally, so I’m offering this as a ‘pay what you feel/can’ service.

I’m registered as a clinical psychologist with AHPRA in Australia and the HCPC in the UK. You can read more about my work on the website above.

Please share if you think this might be useful for others.

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