Book Launch for ‘Becoming a Clinical Psychologist’

Back in June 2013, my friend Amanda and I had just just been offered places on the clinical training courses. We were working as assistant psychologists at Great Ormond Street Hospital where we were surrounded by a wealth of helpful support and resources. This included access to lots of current trainees, qualified clinical psychologists and plenty of useful information passed down from people who had previously been through the application process.

Amanda and I recognised just how fortunate they were to have access to these resources. We also realised that many aspiring clinical psychologists did not, which seemed unfair. In addition, we also became more aware of the lack of diversity in the profession as well as a lack of information about dealing with and making sense of unsuccessful applications. As a result, we decided to pull together and summarise any useful information about the process to make it more widely available and accessible. Over the next five years we surveyed and interviewed both trainee and qualified psychologists, and asked those considering the profession what they would like to know more about.

The result of this process is the book, ‘Becoming a Clinical Psychologist: Everything you Need to Know’. On August 1st, this book will be released in the UK.

To celebrate the release, a book launch will take place at Weston Lecture Theatre, Great Ormond Street on Thursday 9th August 6.30-8.30pm. During the event, Amanda and I will talk about our reasons for writing, how and where we gathered information and what the book offers for readers.

There will be also be opportunity for questions, to purchase books and 20% discount vouchers for every person who attends.

Please register to guarantee your place.

I hope to see you there!


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‘Clinical psychology training is a popular but demanding option for psychology graduates. This thoughtful, thorough book will equip you with all the information you need about how to prepare for the process, how to survive it, and the kind of career that will await you if you are successful.’

Dr Lucy Johnstone, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

‘This clear, easy to read and accessible introduction to the profession of clinical psychology provides a comprehensive description of the breadth of the profession, the multiple roles practitioners can occupy and the variety of settings their skill set enables them to work in. Those who have no prior knowledge of the profession will be fully informed of the diversity of the job by the end of the book. Through the use of real life case studies and quotes from trainee and qualified clinical psychologists, the authors are able to give a true feel for what it is like to work in clinical services with a range of different client groups, or to act in a consultancy, training or supervisory role…”

Dr Imogen Rushworth, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Admissions Lead, Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology, University of East Anglia.



One thought on “Book Launch for ‘Becoming a Clinical Psychologist’

  1. Follow my blog if interested, I am a trainee with the hope of sharing experience to new trainees and students! Thanks and look forward to reading this book!


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